REVIEW: Nathan Gunn’s FLYING SOLO Soars at San Diego Repertory Theatre

May 2018

There is a reason Gunn is one of the world's best baritones‑ his voice is superb. No matter the song his voice is gorgeous, with a warm and rich tone complimented by his characterization. His energy and precision ring out as clearly as the emotion behind the words. He is comfortable on stage and though his acting is good when he's speaking, he really comes alive when he is singing."

E. H. Reiter (Broadway World San Diego)

It’s the throne that first catches your eye when you walk into the theatre at the San Diego Repertory Theatre to see Nathan Gunn FLYING SOLO. It technically represents a chair from a family home, but with the Scottish plaids draped over it, and the red velvet cushion on the seat it’s hard not to imagine this being the seat of some Scottish Laird passed down through the ages from father to son.

Considering this story is about Nathan Gunn‘s life and journey into opera, and directed by pianist and musical biographer Hershey Felder, it makes sense that this story about fathers, sons, family, and music has a touch or the dramatic flair even down to the furniture. So a throne as the key element seems less dramatic and really just more indicative of the type of show the audience is going to see.

The show follows Gunn’s life and journey in music from when he is first introduced to opera, through his schooling, having a family of his own, and through it all trying to make his father proud. It is a family friendly piece, with moments of humor and tenderness, but really we’re all here for the singing.

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