Classical Singer

Nov 2019

Professor Nathan Gunn, who has been on the Faculty at University of Illinois Urbana‑Champaign for twelve years has a unique perspective to share with his students. His interview revealed a teacher that has learned through “old‑school” approaches, developed “old‑school” values, and one who has balanced that with a deep concern for the overall well‑being of his students.

Classical Singer profiles Nathan Gunn and his teaching methods in “A Met Star with an Old School Approach.”

When asked about the qualities that make an excellent singing teacher, Professor Gunn answered:

1. They are patient

2.  They are always learning.  He says that excellent teachers know what they know and they also know that there is always more to know, and the more the excellent teacher knows, the more they desire to learn.  Despite constant learning, the excellent teacher is also confident in their knowledge.

3. Great teachers are energized by teaching, and they gain a lot of happiness by watching a student finally “get it”, even if the teacher has said the same thing thousands of times, because the excellent teacher also realizes, that, in the end, it is all the student’s doing.

4. Excellent teachers don’t try to take credit for the success of their student.  They just teach.

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