Patinkin and Gunn, two talented singers out to have fun

Jul 2016

If hap‑py lit‑tle bluebirds fly … ” Followed by a breathless, pause. Silence. And then …"

Mal Vincent, The Virginian-Pilot

“Beyond the rainbow …”

Another breathless, pregnant, vulnerable, pause.

Followed by a triumphant outburst: “Why? Oh why?” (another pause) CAN’T I?”

Our souls soar as we agree. Why, indeed, can’t we, too, fly over the rainbow?

No, it’s not Judy, and it is surely not Kansas. It’s Mandy Patinkin. Pure Mandy Patinkin. Pure theater. Once you’ve heard Mandy Patinkin sing “Over the Rainbow” you’ll never think about bluebirds, or Judy Garland, in the same way.

In concert, he also might sing all four parts of “Bohemian Rhapsody” or the folk-rock song “Cats in the Cradle” or an upbeat, Yiddish version of “White Christmas.” There’s no telling what he might sing, or do, when he plays the Ferguson Center on Saturday with his pal, opera superstar Nathan Gunn.

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